PFI FIeld Day

If you grow vegetables and use Youtube, you’ve probably seen the paper pot transplanter. Derek and Molly will discuss the system’s pros and cons, and run a demo in the field. They will also discuss their planting, management, harvest and curing processes for heirloom garlic, which they will be preparing to plant; and they will discuss a variety of roots, greens and shiitakes. In 2018 they bought a moveable overhead irrigation system, and will share their experience from the first year of its use.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 • 3 – 5:30 p.m. A potluck will follow the field day. A main dish will be provided; please bring a side dish to share.

HOSTS: Derek Roller and Molly Schintler • Echollective Farm 879 Echo Ave. • Mechanicsville • 52306 (347) 331-5115 • • echollectivecsa.

TOPICS: • Paper-pot transplanter demo • Fall-planting garlic • Garlic varieties • Garlic harvest and curing • Overhead irrigation • Shiitake mushroom production • Root vegetables • Fall and winter greens

SPEAKER: • John Hendrickson – Small Farm Works