Are you a vegetable producer who is looking to diversify your sales? There's an Iowa vegetable processing company that is looking for new growers, Iowa Choice Harvest in Marshalltown.

Iowa Choice Harvest processes and freezes Iowa-grown produce, for sale in midwest grocery stores and schools.  Their product line currently includes sweet corn, apples and carrots, and they are looking to expand their offerings.  Iowa Choice Harvest is looking for farmers to grow carrots, sweet potatoes, and other root crops - and they will supply you with the seed to get you started!  

Do you have a 100 ft. row or 1/4 acre that you could devote to one of these crops?  We are hoping to organize a handful of farmers in SE Iowa to grow a portion of the root crops needed, and then combine the harvests into a single truckload from SE Iowa to the processing plant.

Are you interested in learning more?  Contact Us!

Penny Huber-Brown - Iowa Choice Harvest: or 641-758-3100

Morgan Hoenig - Local Foods Coordinator, Des Moines County Extension:  or 319-208-5396