When you hear the words fresh produce, you most likely picture a perfectly shiny apple or an impeccably ripened red berry; or possibly even an orange so flawlessly smooth it must have just been picked that morning. But the reality is:

the produce you see stacked on tables at the supermarket traveled over 1,500 miles to get there

according to Cuesa.org (and not to mention in a cardboard box). What may be even more shocking is that after all that energy and time transporting those fruits and vegetables, supermarkets throw away over $15 billion worth of produce each year. In addition,

the United States “manages to waste $165 billion in food” in total each year

according to Washington Post. Farmers have reported up to 25% of their harvest remaining unsold due to unrealistic produce standards the media applies every day. While there are a multitude of international systems and solutions attempting to be implemented there is a simpler solution. Everyone can help support farmers by shopping and eating locally while enhancing their health and lifestyle at the same time. 


Come visit us at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market Tuesday, May 30th at 4p.m. in McMillan Park. Look for the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach booth for free samples, recipes and knowledge on local foods.

Eat Fresh. Eat Local.