This week, the Rising Star Interns had a blast hosting a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Camp for third and fourth graders in Burlington, IA. The kids learned about the major plant parts, things plants need to survive, and what locally grown foods are available in Iowa.

The day started off with a discussion about how far our food travels before it gets to our plates and just how much land the earth has to produce food (hint: it's not a lot!) The kids were then able to taste some locally grown foods, some of which they had never eaten before. 


Lesson #1 : "You can't dislike something you haven't tried yet."


After lunch, everyone decorated a clay pot which later became home to their own personal fresh basil plant to take home and enjoy (courtesy of our wonderful local foods coordinator Morgan Hoenig).  Everyone was able to sample their new plants by making fresh Basil Tomato Pizza.


Lesson #2: "It's okay to not like certain foods."


It was a fun filled day learning about local foods, plant biology, and getting to try new things. A big thanks to all those that participated, ISU Extension & Outreach of Des Moines, Henry, Lee, and Louisa Counties, Mary Steffner, Morgan Hoenig, and of course, the Rising Star Interns.